As the wounded Hunter was being taken to the rear, he met Burnside and said  “I leave the matter in your hands.” Andrew Porter, being senior to Burnside, would later take official command of  Hunter’s Division. At the same time as the 2nd Rhode Island was struggling against Evans’ Confederates, Burnside’s other regiments were still on the opposite side of the Sudley Road. The 2nd New Hampshire and the 71st New York stood side by side while the 1st Rhode Island was held back in reserve. The two regiments in front soon came under artillery fire and all military order began to fall apart. In frustration, Burnside gave up trying to bring the New York and New Hampshire regiments forward and instead called the 1st Rhode Island to pass through the 71st New York and move into line on the right of the 2nd Rhode Island. Like the 2nd Rhode Island, they were armed with Model 1816 U.S. flintlocks converted to percussion.As the 2nd Rhode Island, now under Lt. Col. Frank Wheaton, shifted to the left to allow the 1st Rhode Island, led by Maj. Joseph Balch, to move into position  

The Battle of First Bull Run an Illustrated Atlas
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