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American Patriot Press is an American Civil War publisher founded in 2002 by Blaikie Hines to produce his book Civil War Volunteer Sons of Connecticut. A book that includes the only concise and comprehensive history of every Connecticut Civil War volunteer organization and each incorporated town. A book that includes the most complete and accurate Connecticut Civil War statistics ever published. A must for Connecticut Civil War enthusiasts, genealogists and descendants. 

With its new publication The Battle of First Bull Run - An Illustrated Atlas and Battlefield Guide, American Patriot Press is pleased to offer the only illustrated atlas map and battlefield guide book for the first battle of the American Civil War.  

Fought on July 21st, 1861, the battle was known in the North as the First Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, Virginia while in the South it was called the First Battle of Manassas.

The site of this historic battlefield has mostly been preserved as the Manassas National Battlefield Park. The 5,600 acre park is located in Manassas, Virginia which is 30 miles west of Washington D.C. The park has an estimated 800,000 visitors per year. It includes historic sites associated with the first battle such as “The Stone Bridge”, “The Van Pelt Farm”, “Pittsylvania”, “Matthews Hill”, “Henry Hill”, “Chinn Ridge”, “The Thornberry House”, ”Sudley Springs Ford”, and “The Robinson House”. The park also includes sites associated with the second battle fought in August of 1862. 

The Battle of First Bull Run, An Illustrated Atlas Map and Battlefield Guide was written for all those who visit the park and would like a very detailed and concise guide. For those that are not able to visit, the book has many photographs of antique views alongside modern views. The true spirit of the battlefield is captured without ever visiting. It is also of great value to those interested in Civil War reenactment, the Civil War video gaming community, and genealogists.

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